Picture of Api's participation in the NEC/AAAE virtual conference
Tuesday, September 15 2020

During the past few months, it has been well documented that women, especially those in racial minority groups, have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

East Airfield Rehabilitation
Monday, September 14 2020

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has been actively rehabilitating its East Airfield since spring 2019, restoring various pavement areas on the east side of the airport to improve the serviceability of the pavement and eliminate structural deficiencies. Work areas included the South Apron and Taxiway D South, Taxiway

Runway 17-35
Thursday, September 3 2020

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) received an $18 million Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for vital airfield infrastructure projects. The funds will be used to reconstruct Taxiway K and rehabilitate Runway 17-35, along with improvements to runway lighting.

PNE widening taxiway to accommodate AW609 tiltrotor
Monday, July 27 2020

Look, up in the sky… it’s a plane, it’s a helicopter, it’s an AW609 tiltrotor!

Poster Airport Infrastructure Panel
Monday, July 20 2020

One immediate consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic for airports has been the disruption of active and planned capital projects. With airports facing a significant reduction of travelers, operations, and revenue, some infrastructure plans may become casualties.

Women in Engineering Day Collage
Tuesday, June 23 2020

Happy International Women in Engineering Day! Now in its seventh year, this special day celebrates women in engineering, while encouraging people all over the world to help raise the profile of women in engineering and to persuade girls and young women to consider engineering as a profession.

Image of improvements to PNE's Runway 6-24
Tuesday, June 2 2020

Since mid-March, when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, the Capital Development team has continued to assess the scope, schedule, and budget of every project to determine if it moves forward or stays paused.

Restroom entrance (Men/Women)
Tuesday, May 26 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, going out to your favorite restaurant, the mall, a concert or any other public space was an everyday occurrence. Now, according to The Washington Post, many Americans “are not ready to go out to their favorite destinations until they feel confident about being able to safely use a public restroom.”

Terminal C Parking Garage Helix Repair
Friday, May 1 2020

The PHL/PNE Capital Development team is constantly in the process of modernizing the airport complexes to meet the evolving needs of travelers and remain world-class facilities. So, what is the team’s role now that PHL and PNE are experiencing reduced passenger traffic?

Friday, January 31 2020

“Excuse me, where is the nearest bathroom?” 

Oftentimes, restrooms are the first place airport guests visit when arriving and their last stop before departing. With this in mind, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is continuing its Restroom Renovation Program, a seven-phase project. When complete, all 48 sets of bathrooms at PHL will be modernized.