Sunrise and plane

Memorial Day 2024 is just a few days away. This year, Philadelphia International Airport is projecting about 565,560 passengers will travel through the airport from May 23- May 28. The peak days of the holiday weekend will be Thursday, May 23 (105,870 arriving/departing passengers) and Friday, May 24, (102,930 arriving/departing passengers). This is approximately 29 percent more than Memorial Day weekend 2023 and 1 percent higher than Memorial Day weekend 2019 (pre-pandemic).  

Michiko Thwe

May is Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Heritage Month. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) celebrates the diverse cultures and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and the achievements and ongoing impact they have on our society.  

Wings for Autism

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) partnered with The Arc of Pennsylvania, Frontier Airlines and MarketPlace PHL for the first-ever Wings for Autism® event at PHL on April 27.

PHL Volunteer

Every day, the more than 50 members of Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Volunteer Navigators Team go above and beyond for PHL’s passengers and staff, helping with food and shopping recommendations and assisting with travel and guest experience questions or concerns. PHL’s volunteers show dedication and commitment to making Philadelphia a welcoming and better place for visitors from around the world.  

PHL Terminal Inside Showing Plants and Windows

The Department of Aviation has been at the forefront of sustainability management, has received numerous accolades in recognition of its Diverse Business Enterprises (DBE) programs and has recruited a diverse workforce at all levels. To highlight its progress and achievements, the Department of Aviation’s Finance and Sustainability Units collaborate to produce an annual Environmental, Social and Governance Report.


Headed to Philadelphia for the biggest spectacle of sports entertainment? Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is excited to welcome thousands of fans headed to the city for WWE WrestleMania XL Week, featuring Friday Night Smackdown and WWE Hall of Fame on April 5, NXT Stand & Deliver on April 6, WWE WrestleMania XL on April 6 and 7 and Monday Night Raw on April 8. 

Building Maintenance

Are you looking for a job with great benefits and the opportunity for growth, in an exciting location? Now is your chance to apply for a position at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). 

The City of Philadelphia Department of Aviation is currently seeking applicants for a number of skilled trades positions at PHL including: 

Tiff Davis My Thoughts Wear Crowns

This Black History Month, the Philadelphia Department of Aviation highlights Black artists whose artwork has been featured at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).Tiff Davis, also known as American Queen TJD, had the opportunity to have her artwork, “My Thoughts Wear Crowns”, on display in PHL’s F Connector for two years as part of “Jawn 6”.  


The artwork of sixth grade students from Ridley Middle School in Ridley Park, PA is now on view in the Youth Art Gallery at Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) A-East Baggage Claim. The gallery is located in the public area of the airport for the students and their families to visit. 

Workforce Development

City of Philadelphia Department of Aviation employees now have an opportunity to improve, grow and thrive in various positions at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) through the Department’s new BRIDGE program.

Traveler's Aid on phone call

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) proudly connects Philadelphia with the world.

Wingmate Pass

On November 1, 2023, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) launched the PHL Wingmate Guest Pass Program, allowing nonticketed guests to apply for a one-day pass to access PHL’s terminals, post-security, from 4 am-10 pm. From the introduction of the Wingmate program through the end of the year, approximately 1,577 passes were approved. 

Decorations 2023

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) projects almost 1,092,100 guests will pass through its terminals between December 21 and January 3— approximately 13.8 percent more than last year. If you are planning to fly during the holidays, make your checklist now. And like Santa, check your list twice.   

Here’s what guests need to know prior to arriving at PHL:   


Tchotchkes, knickknacks, trinkets- no matter what we call our personal treasures, the one thing they have in common is how invaluable they are to their owners. 

Seeing Eye Puppies

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) hosted 25 Very Important Puppies (VIPs) for a special event on November 4. German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Labrador/Golden Retriever mixes.

Business Opportunity Forum

More than 400 representatives from large firms, small businesses, and minority-owned and disadvantaged business enterprises and organizations attended the Ci

2023 5K

There was an unexpected participant at Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL’s) 6th 5K on the Runway on September 23, but rain caused by Tropical Storm Ophelia didn’t k


The City of Philadelphia Department of Aviation is currently seeking applicants for a number of facilities positions at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).

PHL's Family Feud

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) was thrilled to have the full return its intern program this year. This summer, 17 students from area high schools, community colleges and universities took on full-time roles at PHL in different departments.

Summer Interns

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is pleased to welcome its new cohort of 17 interns. The students learned what they can look forward to while working at PHL and of the expectations the airport has of them at an internship onboarding program, led by Director of Workforce Development Chevelle Harrison and Training and Development’s Latia White, on July 17.   


SEPTA’s Southwest Connection Improvement Program (SCIP) will take place Saturday, July 22 through Saturday, August 26, 2023. Service on the Airport Regional Rail Line will be impacted during this improvement project.  

Wagging Tails Brigade

In March 2019, Philadelphia International Airport's (PHL) Guest Experience (GX) Department introduced the Wagging Tails Brigade, including a group of furry, friendly dogs in partnership with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and most recently, Comfort Caring Canines. Within both organizations, dogs go through a variety of training and tests.


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) introduced its pilot Airport Concessions Di

Donald E. Camp

PHL Airport's Airport Exhibitions Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This is the final look back at one of the artists who participated in the program over the last 25 years. 



Henry Bermudez

PHL Airport's Airport Exhibitions Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the coming weeks, the airport will take a look back at some of the artists who have participated in the program over the last 25 years. 


Henry Bermudez 

Symone Salib

PHL Airport's Airport Exhibitions Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the coming weeks, the airport will take a look back at some of the artists who have participated in the program over the last 25 years. 

Kiki Aranita

PHL Airport's Airport Exhibitions Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the coming weeks, the airport will take a look back at some of the artists who have participated in the program over the last 25 years. 

art 25 logo

Philadelphia International Airport's (PHL) Exhibitions Program is celebrating 25 years of showcasing the work of artists and organizations from across the Greater Philadelphia Region to the millions of passengers that travel through PHL every year. Thank you to REC Philly for creating videos  to highlight what the art program means to airport guests and employees, as well as artists King Saladeen and Amberella. 

Syd Carpenter Stand at Ease

PHL Airport's Airport Exhibitions Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the coming weeks, the airport will take a look back at some of the artists who have participated in the program over the last 25 years. 

ROAM Fitness at PHL

Roam Fitness is coming to PHL soon! What is Roam Fitness?

Crowded Terminal

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is gearing up for its busiest summer since 2019 — more than four million passengers are expected to depart from the airport this June through August. PHL’s estimated summer traffic is over 12 percent higher than 2022.   

Summer Internship Program Returns
Bringing Nature To PHL

Plants in the interior of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) are not just decorative elements, but also a natural way to purify air in the passenger terminals.

AED Inspection

At Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), the safety of passengers, guests and team members is of the foremost concern. Guests and staff can expect to feel safe, including through unanticipated health issues, because of the airport's safety and security measures. At PHL, our staff is prepared to mitigate medical emergencies by responding quickly to crises until the airport Fire/Rescue unit arrives.

BHM 2023

The Department of Aviation’s Racial Equity Advisory Council (REAC) closed out Black History Month with a roundtable discussion entitled “All Things Philly,” which included City of Philadelphia department leaders with expert knowledge on racial disparity and inequity and its effect in the workplace.

Guest panelists were:

Access for All

According to the office of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, about 25.5 million Americans have a disability that may make it difficult for them to travel outside their homes.

Holdroom Refresh

Be Relax

Those of us working at PHL enjoy the opportunity to explore the terminals for new places to dine and shop.

NAIP Roundtable

In its continued commitment to exploring diversity in the workspace and within the airport community, the Division of Aviation acknowledged National Native American and Indigenous People’s Month by hosting a roundtable discussion on November 29.

PHL Gate Waiting Area

Have some down time before your flight at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)? You won’t be bored before you board—there’s plenty to see and do before takeoff.  

Virtual Info Program

Awesome! You’ve made it to the airport, through the security checkpoint and into the terminal with ease because you had a transportation plan for getting there and arrived more than two hours before boarding time. You also signed up to receive flight updates. Smart. Now what?


The busy holiday travel season is just around the corner. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) anticipates 867,000 guests will pass through its terminals between November 18-29 — approximately 12 percent more than last year. Those heading into or out of PHL over Thanksgiving and the end-of-year holidays should make their travel checklists now.  

Here’s what guests need to know prior to arriving at the airport:   

Leon H. Sullivan

This month, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) officials and partner organizations marked the dedication of the newly renamed Reverend Dr. Leon H. Sullivan International Arrivals Hall (formerly International Arrivals Hall), including the unveiling of a permanent exhibit honoring his legacy. The event was attended by family, friends, and leaders of the community. Mayor Kenney was on hand to speak on Rev.


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is pleased to welcome the return of the monthly live animal visits by the Philadelphia Zoo. Prior to the pandemic, the Zoo brought different animals to PHL to educate and entertain passengers each month. Guests are surprised to encounter zoo animals in the middle of an airport. Rushing passengers often stop and do a double take to see what’s going on with the live display- especially if they are traveling with children.

PIR Event

Leon Huff, who, along with Kenny Gamble and Thom Bell, founded the legendary Philadelphia International Records (PIR), was at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) on October 19th to witness the dedication of an exhibit that highlights 50 years of music produced by the record label and rightfully called “The Sound of Philadelphia”. The exhibit is located near Terminal A-East

Drone shot

On what many would call a perfect day to run, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) reintroduced the 5th 5K Run the Runway to runners and walkers. The participants were greeted by eager Division of Aviation staff who quickly signed in almost 400 competitors and distributed electronic bibs and t-shirts.


Everyone at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is very excited about the airport’s 5K Run on the Runway on September 10. Weeks of preparation have gone into making the return of this favorite event a great day for all involved.

Ryan Moten

Have you ever wondered who does the snow removal at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and who maintains the runways and taxiways? Take a behind the scenes look at the airport’s Pavement and Grounds Department in the video below and find out how you can join the team.

Getting Around At PHL

It’s the peak of the summer travel season. For those still looking forward to vacation, here is some information for making the transfer process at PHL smooth and stress-free. 

Domestic Travel 


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has dispatched its Nilfisk robot floor scrubber to expedite cleaning and sanitizing floor spaces in the airport’s terminals. The equipment can be seen throughout the terminals as part of a pilot program.

Wagging Tails Brigade

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is excited to welcome new certified therapy dogs to the Wagging Tails Brigade:

Gladys, a three-year-old Great Dane







With 7.7 million passengers expected to pass through the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) this summer, the TSA advises guests to arrive at the airport two-to-three hours before their flights.


Registration is now open for Philadelphia International Airport’s 5th Run the Runway 5K! The 5k run/walk will be on Saturday, September 10, 2022-- we’ll be there rain or shine.


Disability Pride Month has been celebrated every July since 1990. To me, disability pride is being valued for the perspective that I bring from a lifetime of unique experiences.

Juneteenth Tower

Juneteenth —June 19-- acknowledges the date in 1865 when Federal troops went to Galveston, Texas, to publicly inform enslaved people that they were free. This occurred two years after the Emancipation Proclamation Act of 1863. An estimated 250,000 people were still enslaved when troops arrived and forced Texas slaveowners to relinquish ownership of the people.


With hundreds of organizations operating within Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), there are many career opportunities for individuals with various levels of job experience, interests and qualifications. Job openings are posted online at  

Hagley at PHL

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is fortunate to have been loaned 49 miniatures from the Hagley Museum and Library for the new exhibition “Artifacts of Invention: Patents from Hagley Museum and Library, 1845-1895”,  located in the airport’s C/D connector .   

Summer passengers

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) anticipates summer 2022 to be the airport’s busiest season in three years — the result of new and resumed service and the public’s growing desire to travel once again. 

Through Our Eyes

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is currently exhibiting two-dimensional works art by 36 autistic artists in the airport’s Youth Art Gallery, located in Terminal A-East Baggage Clai

PHL Field Tour

On April 26, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) welcomed undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania’s Schools of Engineering, City Planning, and Environmental Studies as part of the airport's tour program. The students visited the ramp tower, airfield, and Engine 78. Taking a behind the scenes tour of an international airport is an opportunity that most people do not get to experience.

Volunteer Open House

As passenger volume at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) continues to steadily increase, the airport is seeking to expand its team of Volunteer Navigators who assist the growing number of travelers returning to the skies. On April 28, the airport hosted its first-ever Open House to bring awareness to the program, recruit new volunteers, meet PHL’s leadership team, and recognize the current volunteers for their steadfast dedi


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has announced a limited number of onsite parking spaces will be available for passengers beginning April 21. The 1,850 spaces are located in airport’s economy parking lot and accessible via the parking lot’s Island Avenue entrance. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Shuttle buses will drop off and pick up passengers at all PHL terminals. 

Travels Aid

Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Volunteer Navigator team, managed by Christine Datesman of Traveler’s Aid, includes former airline and airport employees, local retirees, students, and airport aficionados who are task


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is anticipating a very busy Spring Break season throughout its terminals. With changes to where and how people work, some travelers are finding it easier to get away for long weekends.  


The launch of the airlines’ summer schedules on March 26 marked the return of several American Airlines’ transatlantic routes at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) for the first time since 2020.

USO and Caring for Friends at PHL

Caring for Friends is a free home meal provider and food bank serving the five-county Greater Philadelphia area. To learn more, click here

Walls for Justice

Samuel Rodriguez, founder and executive director of Walls for Justice, Philadelphia, was contacted by Philadelphia International Airport’s exhibitions program to create a unique mural for Terminal A-East Baggage Claim.  

Uber Award

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) was awarded Uber’s Innovation Award as part of Uber’s inaugural Airport Award Initiative. PHL was recognized as the airport that adapted to facilitate consistent service to its shared riders and passengers during an unprecedented time in travel. 

PAX on phone

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is seeing an uptick in passenger numbers with spring break season underway. Although travelers may have a long checklist of items to bring on their trips many probably will not include cyber security in that list. According to a 2018 survey by Morning Consult on behalf of IBM security, 70 percent of travelers engage in high-risk cyber behaviors while traveling.


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has provided college students with internships and employment opportunities, including part-time jobs such as bilingual receptionists, for many years. Bilingual receptionists translate for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) while also assisting passengers with the Automated Passport Control (ACP) and global entry kiosks.

PHL Introduces Virtual Information Program

Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) Guest Experience and IT departments have been working in collaboration to launch a new and innovative way to assist travelers. The Virtual Information Program will allow guests to have live, virtual interactions with the airport’s Information Services team to enhance the current methods of assisting passengers at PHL.

HS Volunteers

As more people return to air travel, the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Volunteer Navigators are more important than ever to help c


The Passenger Assistance team at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has 30 years of experience assisting passengers as they navigate their way throughout the airport and find their next destination. The team is part of the Guest Experience (GX) Department and assists U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as needed by translating important information to arriving international passengers.  


Every new year gives people a chance to improve their lives and set resolutions to improve themselves. City of Philadelphia Division of Aviation employees are continuing their commitment to being healthy through the PHL Well program, which was launched in August 2021.&nb


This week, PHL is counting down the days to 2022 by highlighting some of the top stories around the airport in 2021.

We kick off the countdown with a look back at Jawnbot, PHL's food delivery robot.

Holiday Decorations

Making a list and checking it twice pertains to more than gift giving. Passengers planning to fly from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) this holiday season need to start preparing—and checking items off—their travel lists now to stay ahead of the holiday hustle and bustle. Planning to arrive at least three hours before boarding time and making arrangements to avoid parking onsite should be at the top of PHL passengers' lists.    

Passenger Assistance Team

As an airport, we’re constantly challenging our team to provide a better, more hospitable traveling experience for every guest arriving or departing through PHL. To do that, we must understand our passengers’ expectations and decide as an airport-wide team the best way to meet and exceed those expectations. The PHL Passenger Assistance team has long played an important role in these efforts, especially for our arriving international travelers.


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has launched the first phase of its Queue Management System (QMS) to provide passengers with real-time updates at security checkpoints via in-terminal digital signage and on PHL’s Terminal D/E security checkpoint is the airport’s first to monitor and display passengers wait times in real time.


Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) anticipates approximately 400,000 enplaned (outbound) passengers will pass through its terminals during the peak Thanksgiving travel period, November 19-30. Although the holiday is still a few weeks away, the airport wants guests to prepare for their transportation to PHL now.


Whether you love airports or sometimes feel a little stressed when you fly, PHL airport’s growing team of therapy dogs is here to make your experience even better or soothe your nerves.

2021 BOF Cargo Session

In partnership with the City of Philadelphia’s Minority Enterprise Development Week (MEDWeek), Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) hosted its 9th Annual PHL Business Opportunity Forum, where small and diverse businesses in the Philadelphia region gathered to understand the dynamics of doing business at the airport, hear about anticipated opportunities, and network with leadership and other contractors.


PHL Airport recently received a visit from a special four-legged friend, Sparky (you can follow Sparky on Instagram at @sparkythemaltipom)! We loved spending time with Sparky and want to ensure all of PHL’s furry friends have a great airport experience.

Holiday photo

It’s hard to believe 2021 is almost over — wasn't it June yesterday? That means the holiday travel season is just around the corner. For anyone planning or considering travel this year, now is the time to put together the trip checklist.  And for 2021, there are a few new items to consider.  

Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation is a fixed base operator (FBO) with locations across the United States. Atlantic’s Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) location recently finished a major renovation project that included modernizing and improving technology and a complete rebuild of the lobby, offices, conference rooms and other amenities.

Uber Lyft Waiting Area

When planning travel, small details that can easily be overlooked can make or break a trip. For example, do you know how you are getting from the airport to your final destination? Do you need ground transportation services? Is public transit available? How do you get to the rental car office? Are you familiar with the airport’s layout?


September 11, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. PHL airport and airline employees share their memories of that day and reflect on how it changed the aviation industry. 

TSA Checkpoint

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is anticipating the summer 2021 travel season to be its busiest since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

parking garages

With onsite garages filling up rapidly this holiday season, and the Economy Lot closed, passengers should plan carefully for other transportation options to reduce stress and enjoy a safe, streamlined transportation experience. 

Child with Mask

No matter if it’s your first trip or your fifth trip, air travel with children can be daunting. The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have compounded those challenges. Elizabeth Moselle, PHL’s Assistant Director of Guest Experience and a mother herself, has put together some insider tips to help relieve the stress and make your family’s journey through PHL smooth and enjoyable for everyone.

Fans of Homage

Artists often use their mediums to share their interpretation of current events, convey how what is happening in the world has impacted their lives and introduce audiences to different points of view. Guests traveling through Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) will note that the work of several a

Early Philadelphia MarketPlace

With national security on high alert and new airport check-in measures in place, many passengers returning to air travel following the events of September 11, 2001, were anxious. New rules and regulations meant that passengers had to arrive at the airport hours before their flights and wait for flights without non-ticketed guests. Airports were tasked with keeping guests relaxed and occupied for the extended times they

BlackStar Exhibit

The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Art Program unveiled a new exhibit celebrating the 10th anniversary of Philadelphia’s world-renowned BlackStar Film Festival. The exhibit opened with a ribbon cutting celebration on July 29.  


The COVID-19 pandemic forced the temporary closure of clubs and lounges at PHL. The Delta Sky Club, located in the D/E link, is the most recent of these facilities to reopen its doors to PHL guests.   

Who Does What at PHL Infographic

Guests traveling through Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) will interact with several organizations during their visits, usually without even knowing it. The City of Philadelphia’s Division of Aviation owns and operates PHL, but there are hundreds of organizations working together with the Division of Aviation to serve our passengers.  

A-East Prep

While it may be some time before travelers return to airports in pre-pandemic numbers, there are clear signs that air travel is picking up and airports are expected to be busy during the popular summer vacation months.

Cell Phone Lot

Instead of waiting on the shoulder of highway ramps and roads leading up to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)—something that is unsafe and could result in a $41 fine from Philadelphia Police--drivers meeting arriving guests at the airport can take advantage of the airport’s free 

DOA Chevy and Bolt

When a momma-to-be bird needed a place to make a special delivery, she made a landing at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) - on one of the Division of Aviation’s Chevy Bolt electric cars.

Ken and Karen Volunteers

Longtime PHL volunteers Ken Uller and Karen Kenney are shown above at the airport pre-COVID-19.

Sunflower Lanyard

In an effort to provide excellent customer service to all guests, PHL is launching the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard program this month. The program is based on the sunflower scheme developed in the United Kingdom, where green lanyards with sunflowers are used in airports, rail stations, and retail stores to signal that an individual may need a little e

Granny Graffiti

Positive messages can pop up anywhere. Guests traveling through PHL can find them in two art exhibits: "Fill the Walls with Hope" between Terminals C and D and "Granny Graffiti" in Terminal F.  

Passengers with Masks

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is one of just 140 airports worldwide — and one of only 23 in North America — to earn Airports Council International’s (ACI) “The Voice of the Customer” recognition for 2020.

Liz pin walk

Airports are no longer just places for passengers to wait for flights. They are dynamic and constantly evolving to meet the everchanging expectations of travelers.

Wellness Month

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about resetting and recharging mentally and physically (especially after 2020). Looking for ideas? This month, PHL will share tips and health hacks to use when traveling or when planning for future travel.

Private Collections, Personal Obessions

Almost everyone collects something. Some collections are worth millions of dollars, while the sentimental value of others make the contents priceless. “Private Collections: Personal Obsessions.”, a new PHL art exhibit located in Terminal D, features a sampling of treasures from Philadelphia-area residents and members of the airport community—ranging from the eve

christmas 2020

PHL Lost and Found

“If I ever lose my mind, I hope some honest person will find it and take it to the lost and found,” – George Carlin.

Symone Salib- Art Program

Since its beginning in 1998, PHL’s Airport Art Program has created a unique Philadelphia experience for guests and provided regional artists with the opportunity to showcase their work to the millions of travelers that pass through the airport’s terminals every year.


BOF Group Shot

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) recently hosted its Business Opportunity Forum (BOF), the airport's signature yearly event that gives representatives of large, small, minority-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprises and organizations the opportunity to learn about the state of the airport and future contracting opportunities, and to network with peers, resource partners, and airport leaders.

Hand sanitizer unit

PHL’s online map does more than help guests navigate their way through the terminals to their gates. The recently updated tool now highlights the location of touchless health amenities throughout the airport, including hand sanitizing stations and water bottle refilling stations.  

#MaskUp Pins

There are many ways to wear a face mask — under the chin, under the nose or hanging from an ear, for instance. But only the correct way — over the mouth and nose — helps protect others from illness and earns PHL airport employees special rewards. 

Physical Distancing Seating Area

Navigating the physically distanced world is a learning process, not only for the public remembering to keep six feet apart, but also for facilities setting up stanchions and barriers to keep patrons safely spaced. At PHL, that means making changes in real time.

Welcome Back Casey and Child

Visits by members of the PHL Wagging Tail Brigade have been a highlight for airport guests and employees since the furry volunteers and their owners joined the PHL team in April 2019. When stay-at-home orders were put in place in March, the Wagging Tails Brigade’s visits were put on temporary hiatus—making it a “ruff” few months for those that looked forward to seeing their canine friends in

ADA 30th Anniversary

Moving sidewalks, shuttle vehicles, kiosks and high contrast captioning communication make all our airport experiences easier, especially people with disabilities.  

Happy Anniversary

The City of Philadelphia’s Division of Aviation observes two anniversaries during the last days of June: Philadelphia International Airport’s (PHL) 80th on June 20 and Northeast Philadelphia Airport’s (PNE) 75th on June 26.  

PHL Airport Default ImageDefault Hero

PHL generates $16.8 billion in spending annually and supports more than 106,000 full-time jobs for the 11-county Philadelphia metropolitan statistical area. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of workers have been furloughed. Many of these workers are airline employees, airport contractors, and concessions employees.    

MarketPlace Distancing

When the public is ready to fly again, travelers will encounter a new airport experience, from the time they enter the building until boarding their planes.

Annual Report 2020

PHL entered 2020 on a high, having welcomed a record number of passengers in 2019 and anticipating continued growth and the launch of new routes by airline partners in the new year.  What a difference just a few months make.

PHL Airport Default ImageDefault Hero

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is committed to making sure our travelers feel safe and worry free while visiting PHL and that our services are reliable and efficient. With recent upgrades to our baggage handling system completed, the Terminal A West Sector 3 Check

Notice of Privacy Practices